Road Department

Cache County is known for its breathtaking scenery, opportunities in education and industry, and deep sense of community. We at the Cache County Road Department, feel very fortunate to work in such a beautiful valley and are genuinely invested in providing quality roadways for our citizens and visitors.


With a dedicated crew of 18, our department maintains approximately 200 miles of paved roads and 400 miles of gravel and dirt roads (including 160 miles of mountain and Forest Service roads). Our crew consists of a superintendent, a foreman, 9 drivers/operators, 3 mechanics, 2 weed/sign specialists, and 2 office managers. This team works tirelessly all summer to repair and grade road surfaces, clean up roadside vegetation, and maintain vital drainage ways. We devote 6 to 8 weeks each summer to resurfacing many miles of county roads with asphalt and/or chip seal. We also work with many of the cities within Cache County to maintain and upgrade locally managed roadways.


In the winter, our team spends many hours plowing snow to make sure that all vehicles (including the school buses that transport our children), make it to their destinations safely. Your safety is our number one priority. Many additional hours are spent preparing roads and materials for summertime road work.


Our department installs and maintains traffic signs throughout the county. Over the next few years you may notice all traffic signs have been slowly upgraded to new high-density reflectivity signs. Much care is taken to ensure that all signs are kept in good repair and replaced as needed.


We take pride in maintaining quality roads for all our local citizens and visitors. We hope as you see us working, you will show your support as we support you. We invite you to slow down and wave as you go by.


Please drive carefully and defensively, follow traffic signs and signals, and watch out for pedestrians and cyclists. Together we're creating a community of quality and safety for everyone.


Road & Vegetataion Superintendent: Joel Merritt  (435) 755-1569


Road Foreman: Jeremy Hudson (435) 755-1566


Vegetation Foreman: Jake Forsgren (435) 755-1562


Office Manager: Tamara Bowles (435) 755-1560


Office Hours:  6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday


 For Emergencies Please Contact Dispatch at (435) 753-7555 or dial 911