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Fire District

Due to current and forecasted weather conditions in northern Utah, the State Forester has determined that measures must be taken to prevent costly and damaging forest and rangeland fires. These restrictions are detailed here. . . more »

For the 2016 election, Cache County will be implementing voting by mail. For more information, watch the video explaining the process. . . more »
Auditor's Office

The property valuation appeal process to the Local Board of Equalization for the 2016 tax year begins August 1st, 2016. Request for Review forms on real property with required documentation must be submitted to the Auditor's Office by 5:00 p.m. September 15th, 2016. . . more »
Development Services

The new Highline Trail starts at the Logan Canyon entrance to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (near First Dam). Enjoy the breathtaking views. For more information, check the Trails Cache. . . more »
Auditor's Office

The purpose of the low income abatement (also known as the circuit breaker or the homeowner's tax credit program) is to provide general property tax relief to certain poor taxpayers who have income below statutorily mandated levels (see financial portion of form) and who own their residence. Any permanent resident providing their own financial support who is 66 years of age in the year of application or is a surviving spouse that meets the household income requirements is eligible. This is an annual application and must be filed by September 1st. . . more »
Water Department

You can help the county protect your water by becoming familiar with water issues and expressing your opinions and knowledge as the Water Master Plan for Cache County moves forward. . . more »