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Specific Original 1800's & 1900's Surveys

Townships 7-10 are dealing with the Paradise/Davenport areas
Townships 12 are dealing with the Logan Hyde Park Smithfield Canal areas


Filename Filesize Date
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png T7N R1E (Town of Eden).pdf 1.73 MB 2014-01-29
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png T7N R2E (Town of Liberty Mountainous Area).pdf 2.58 MB 2014-01-29
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png T8N R1E (James Peak Area).pdf 1.43 MB 2014-01-29
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png T8N R2E (East of James Peak).pdf 1.69 MB 2014-01-29
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png T8N R3E (Monte Cristo Area).pdf 1.11 MB 2014-01-29
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png T9N R1E (South of Paradise & Davenport Area).pdf 1.98 MB 2014-01-29
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png T9N R2E (Porcupine Reservoir).pdf 537.82 kB 2014-01-29
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png T10N R1E (Town of Paradise).pdf 1.59 MB 2014-01-29
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png T12N R1E (City of Logan & Canals).pdf 2.48 MB 2014-01-29
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png T12N R2E (Logan Canyon & Canals).pdf 2.72 MB 2014-01-29


To view other 1800's original surveys, historical maps & survey notes visit Bureau Of Land Management Official Federal Land Records.



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