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                This parcel GIS data contains Parcel Tax ID, Property Address, Property City. 


                Any requests for TAX ROLL TABULAR DATA

                pertaining to parcel property ownership, etc. should be directed to the

                County Executive's Office.



Static Maps Library

Filename Filesize Date
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png Cache Valley Reference Map.pdf 8.88 MB 2018-04-20
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png Cache Valley Road Map.pdf 1.39 MB 2019-04-23
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png Captial Improvements Plan.pdf 3.12 MB 2013-10-23
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png County Zoning Map 2020.pdf 2.03 MB 2020-11-10
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png Public vs Private Ownership.pdf 1.52 MB 2019-04-23
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png Snow Plow Routes Map Book.pdf 10.5 MB 2019-04-23
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png Township Range Section.pdf 8.36 MB 2013-10-23


GIS Data Sources

Filename Filesize Date
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png Parcel Review GIS Metadata.pdf 25.02 kB 2020-02-20


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