FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


How do I . . .                  

My neighbor and I disagree about the location of our common property line. Can I use the Parcel & Zoning Viewer Webmap to prove that I’m right?


No, the parcel map is not to be used to prove legal evidence of size, shape, location, ownership, boundary of real property or right of ways. Only a licensed surveyor can do this. In the event of a dispute, a surveyor would be hired, by you, to determine the legal boundary.  If your neighbor refuses to acknowledge the survey, the next step would be to consult an attorney. If both parties and their respective surveyors and attorneys do not agree, then ultimately the boundary line may have to be determined in civil court.


Can I split my land?

Depending on the location of your property, (i.e. city or county) you would first need to contact the proper office to determine the regulations that apply to your parcel. (i.e. ordinance, minimum lot size, road frontage, etc...) If it is determined, by the appropriate office, that the property can be divided the Cache County Planning Department, located in Development Services, can assist you in the proper steps to follow.

How much does the county charge to print maps?

See our fee schedulePayments can be made using cash or check. Checks made out to “Development Services”. Credit cards are not accepted.


My house just got put into the floodplain.  What, if anything, can I do about this?


You can hire a licensed surveyor to do an elevation certificate.  This can then be submitted along with a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) application to FEMA.  Please see the Floodplain Viewer page and click the FEMA link for more information.


Where do our, most asked about, GIS layers come from . . .?

A good deal of our GIS layers come from other government agencies such as FEMA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife - National Wetlands Inventory, USGS - National Hydrology Dataset, Utah Geological Survey (UGS), Utah Division of Water Quality and the UTAH AGRC...........Click Here for more information.