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GIS department layersGeographic Information Systems (GIS) . . .

The GIS division is the main provider of analysis and mapping services for the county. We currently have 4 staff within our division. We are located on the 3rd Floor (Development Office) of the County Administration building in downtown Logan.


What we do . . .

The mission of the GIS division is to coordinate and provide GIS services to county departments and to serve county residents and the general public on their needs of spatial information relevant to their work and their daily life. We also support many local governments on their GIS efforts and coordinate GIS projects with federal, state and local agencies within the county.


The GIS division provides the following services: 

  • Parcel mapping for Cache County (Including all municipalities)
  • Base map services to County offices and the public
  • Special mapping and analysis to the following county departments: Attorney, Assessor, Development, Fire, Clerk, Weed, Road, Water, and Storm Water.
  • Mapping/GIS support to Cache County's Emergency Operations Center (EOC)