Roping Arena

The Roping Arena has shower facilities and is closed for the winter. Dimensions are 150’ X 250’. The Roping Arena currently has seating for 60 but portable bleachers can be moved in for additional seating.


The Roping Arena fees will be designated by the hour, with/without livestock or motorized vehicles, or as a special event, with/without livestock or motorized vehicles.


Roping Arena fees must be paid by the first day of each month for weekly users. If the fees are not received by the first day of the month the reservation dates will be dropped and made available for other users. Roping Arena fees for Special Events are due no later than two weeks before the first event date. Make payments to the Cache County Fairgrounds office by check, cash, or credit card.


All reservations will require a deposit for cleaning and damage repair and a signed lease agreement at the time the reservation is made.


Deposit checks will be cashed and a refund check issued after the reservation date. All cleaning and/or damage expenses will be taken out of the deposit. If damages exceed the deposit amount, user will be billed for the balance. The deposit refund will be issued within 10 business days.


If a reservation is canceled 30 days prior to the start of the reservation, 100 percent of the rental fee will be refunded. If a reservation is canceled 8-29 days prior to the start of the reservation, 50 percent of the rental fee will be refunded. Any reservation canceled within 7 days of the start of the reservation will not be eligible for a refund.  Click to print a copy of the Facility Agreement.


Due to Logan City ordinances, the PA system cannot be used after 10:00pm


Roping Arena Rate Schedule

   Rental Fee  Rental Deposit
 Special Event without Livestock  $250  $250
 Special Event with Livestock  $450  $500
 Roping Arena with Livestock  Hourly $50  $500
 Roping Arena without Livestock  Hourly $40  $250