Building Permit Applications

NOTE - Partial Closure for COVID-19 Prevention


For the duration of the partial closure of county offices, no paper applications or plans will be accepted for building permits. All applications must be submitted digitally. 


Please follow the instructions on the Electronic Plan Submission page. This page will remain available to help clarify what is needed for a building permit application.  Please call 435-755-1650 if you have any questions about submitting your permit application.



How to Apply


  1. Begin by downloading a  Building Permit ApplicationFill out this form completely, including contractor's license numbers and your Tax/Parcel number (Property Serial Number).  Your parcel number can be found on your tax notice, or by using the Cache County Parcel Viewer.
  2. Gather all other necessary paperwork shown on the list below.  The building office cannot act as a filing office for unfinished application materials.  Do not e-mail or deliver any application materials until you have gathered all the required documentation.  
  3. Submit your application packet in person at our office, or via e-mail.  Applications must either be all-paper or all-digital.  Follow all instructions on the Electronic Plan Submission page to apply via e-mail.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  Please provide all items at the same time.  



Required Application Packet Materials


The following items must be included in order for a building permit application to be processed.  Rooftop solar panels and some accessory buildings do not require a Manual J&D form.  If applying via e-mail, delivery of these materials must conform to the requirements on the Electronic Plan Submission page.  Contact the Building Department at 435-755-1650 with any questions.


  1. A completed Building Permit Application form, as described above.
  2. An approved Zoning Clearance and accompanying documents (plot plan, setbacks, etc.) from the Cache County Zoning Office or appropriate city office.
  3. A completed Utility Connection Agreement.  This document outlines your responsibilities regarding connecting power to the property.
  4. A Manual J&D form, for HVAC system duct sizing and layout, from your mechanical contractor.
  5. Two complete sets of paper plans drawn to 1/4 scale and specifications (or a PDF of your plans if applying via e-mail).  All plans must include the following items:
    1. Floor plan with dimension of all levels, garages, decks, porches, plumbing plan, electrical plan, heating and/or air conditioning plan, etc.
    2. Indicate the square footage in all areas, (garage, main floor, upper levels, basement, decks, porches, etc.)
    3. Elevations of all four sides which indicate all doors, windows, roof, roof pitch, roof covering, exterior wall coverings, etc.
    4. Details of footings, foundation, walls, trusses or rafters and roof section, joist, all egress items (bedroom windows and doors, stairways, fireplace, beams, cantilevers, etc.; all cross sections).
    5. Engineering packet or an engineer's stamp, if needed. Please note that plans for all new single family dwellings must be engineered plans.
  6. A completed Owner/Builder Certification if you are doing the work yourself (residential projects only, no commercial).  This document must be filled out and signed in the presence of a Notary Public.  We have a notary in our office if you need one.


Permit Approval and Payment


We will contact you when your permit is ready for pickup and payment.  Approval normally requires 3-10 working days for average structures.  Larger commercial projects may require 30-45 working days for approval.  You may pay for your permit over the phone, or you may mail a check to our office.  Make checks payable to Cache County Corporation.


Call 435-755-1650 to pay for your permit by phone.  There is a 2.5% service fee to process credit/debit card transactions.  E-checks may be processed for a flat $0.50 fee.  Call 435-755-1650 if you would like to pay over the phone.


Once your permit has been paid for, you have 6 months (180 days) to begin work.  If no work has commenced within 180 days, the building permit will expire and you will need to re-apply.  Permits will also expire if work has commenced, but is then suspended or abandoned for a period of 180 days.