Building Code Information

There are several basic types of building codes:


  1. Plumbing Code 2015 IPC
  2. Electrical Code 2014 NEC
  3. Mechanical Code 2015 IMC
  4. Gas Code 2015 IFGC
  5. Energy Code 2015 IECC
  6. Building Code 2015 IBC
  7. ANSI 117.1 2009 Edition
  8. Residential Code 2015 IRC and the 2015 IECC - residential codes encompass all of the above listed codes and are valid for dwellings up to a duplex type house. Residences requiring special engineering or special features may need to adhere to a different code and is determined on a case by case basis.


Caution: Building codes and construction standards are complicated and can require specialized experience. Always consult a qualified contractor on construction projects.


Environmental Standards for Cache Valley

  • Roof Snow Load - 37lbs or more / sq. foot (standard good for valley only, consult building inspector's office for other areas). 
  • Seismic Load - D
  • Wind - 90 mph
  • Depth for Frost Protection - 30 inches below grade