Building Department

The Cache County Building Inspection process has been updated and is effective immediately.


Inspections are now AM and PM only


How to schedule during the AM/ PM timeslots:

  • When calling please be prepared to give the Permit Tech the address or permit number and let them know what day you will be ready.
  • AM inspection you must be ready by 7:00 am. Inspector will arrive between 7:30 am - 12:00 pm. (Beginning July 19, 2021, until further notice)
  • PM inspection you must be ready by 1:00 pm. Inspector will arrive between 1:30 – 3:00 pm. If you know you will not be ready, you will need to schedule for the following day.
  • Concrete inspections require flexibility; when scheduling inspections, let us know when the concrete truck is scheduled and we will make a note. The inspectors will do their best to inspect prior to the truck's arrival. That being said the inspections will still be AM or PM and not a specific time.


Please be aware that when the inspectors arrive at the job site and you are not ready, you may be assessed a $50 re-inspection fee that must be paid prior to schedule the next inspection. We will allow (1) 4-way in the morning and (1) 4-way in the afternoon as they take 1.5 – 2.5 hours to inspect depending on the square footage. Most other inspections will range from 30 minutes to an hour. We will allow flexibility for power inspections that required coordination with Rocky Mountain Power. Please understand that changes needed to be made to help out the inspectors as they do inspections throughout the day.



The health and safety of our employees and the citizens of the County is our utmost priority. Guidelines for County building inspection have been updated as follows and until further notice:


  • New Homes – Contractor only present. Subs must have work completed and be off the job site.
  • Remodels/Additions – Contractor or owner only present. Picture and video submission will only be allowed on a case-by-case basis handled by an approved request to, or from, the building department.
  • Basement Finishes – Physical inspections are only done if there is an outside entrance. Picture and video submission will only be allowed on a case-by-case basis handled by an approved request to, or from, the building department.
  • Commercial Tenant Finishes – Contractor present and proper social spacing must be observed.
  • New Commercial – Contractor present and proper social spacing must be observed.
  • Furnace and Water Heater Inspections – Inspections may be delayed and permits extended if needed. Picture and video submission will only be allowed on a case-by-case basis handled by an approved request to, or from, the building department.
  • It is the right of the building inspector to deny an inspection if they feel they are at risk.
  • Contact list of ALL workers on job site shall be maintained by contractor and or owner.



Building in Cache County


The Cache County Building Department protects the health, safety, and general welfare of the public by enforcing compliance with current building codes.  The Building Department reviews plans, issues permits, and performs building inspections.


Cache County issues permits for the following areas and municipalities in Cache County: Amalga, Avon, Benson, Cornish, Cove, Hyrum, Millville, Paradise, Petersboro, Providence, Richmond, River Heights, Smithfield, Trenton, Wellsville, and all unincorporated county areas.


This office does not issue permits for property in the following cities:  Clarkston, Hyde Park, Lewiston, Mendon, Newton, Nibley, North Logan, and Logan City.  These incorporated areas issue their own building permits.  Contact the appropriate city office for any building inside these cities' limits.


Frequently Asked Questions - Check Here First


What can I build on my land?  Contact your city for zoning information.  For land in unincorporated county areas, the zoning department can help you determine parcel legality and any zoning restrictions that may apply to your property.  Most projects will need a zoning clearance as part of the building application process.


Do I need a building permit?  A permit is required for all new homes, additions to existing homes, sheds exceeding 200 square feet, shops, garages, and all commercial construction. A permit may be required for remodel work (check with our office).  If you're just replacing a furnace or an electrical panel, contact our office for a "50.50" permit.  Structures that may not require a building permit include:

  • Agricultural Buildings - may or may not require a building permit.  Contact the zoning department first.
  • Detached Storage Sheds - one story with floor space not exceeding 200 sq. ft.  Permit not required.
  • Fences not exceeding 7 ft tall.  Permit not required


How do I apply for a Building Permit?  Go to the Building Permit Applications page.


How do I apply for a Demolition Permit?  Fill out a Demolition Permit Application and call our office for further instructions.


What if my contractor changes?   Fill out a Contractor Change Form and e-mail it to


How do I request an inspection?  Call 435-755-1650 ext. 1 during business hours.  See the Building Inspections page for details.


What about solar panels?  Always check with your city for any zoning or paperwork requirements they may have.  In unincorporated county areas, rooftop solar panels do not need a zoning clearance, but ground pedestal solar panels do need a zoning clearance.  Follow the instructions on the Building Permit Applications page, but you do not need a Manual J&D form.  You will need to provide diagrams/plans showing where the panels will go on the roof, dimensions, etc.  Also include any specifications packet by the manufacturer showing materials, weight, etc. in your application packet.


Can I apply online?  Applications for residential projects can be submitted online.  However, be sure that you send all application materials at the same time.  Check our Electronic Plan Submission page to view all the requirements for online applications.


How much will my permit cost?  Permit cost is dependent on several factors, including the square footage and value of the project.  Cost is determined after plans are reviewed.  Electrical panel and furnace replacements are the only permits with a set cost, which is $50.50.  For Zoning fees, see the Development Services Fee Schedule or contact your city to discuss any zoning and impact fees that may apply.


Contact Us


179 North Main St. Suite 305
Logan UT, 84321

Phone: (435) 755-1650 ext. 1


We are open Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Please note that permit pickup and payment services end at 4:45 pm.  We are closed on weekends and holidays, including Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, and Pioneer Day.


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