Property Value Appeals - County & State Level

Appeals to the Cache County Board of Equalization

The property valuation appeal process to the local Board of Equalization for the 2016 tax year begins August 1st, 2016.  Click here to learn more about your Property Valuation Notice


The deadline for submitting a "Request  for Review" on real property values is September 15th, 2016 by 5:00 p.m.  If someone other than the property owner is representing the property interest, the "Authorization to Represent" form must also be submitted. These forms along with all supporting documentation must be completed and submitted to the Audit Department at 179 North Main Suite 102 by the September 15th deadline.  Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.  Please take advantage of the included instructions.



Local Appeal Forms


Filename Filesize Date
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png 2017 Request for Review- Real Property.pdf 199.83 kB 2017-03-10
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png Authorization to Represent.pdf 24.6 kB 2012-10-01


Appeals to the Utah State Tax Commission (USTC)

The county board of equalization issues decisions on real property appeals.   A decision by the county can be appealed to the USTC by filing the TC-194 "Request for Redetermination of County Board of Equalization Decision."  This form must be completed and submitted to:


Cache County Auditor 179 North Main Suite 102 within 30 days of final action


State Appeal Form


Filename Filesize Date
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png USTC Request for Redetermination of County BOE Decision.pdf 91.84 kB 2013-10-02


Governing Law

UCA 59-2-1004(6) If any taxpayer is dissatisfied with the decision of the county board of equalization, the taxpayer may file an appeal with the commission as prescribed in Section 59-2-1006.

UCA 59-2-1006(1) Any person dissatisfied with the decision of the county board of equalization concerning the assessment and equalization of any property, or the determination of any exemption in which the person has an interest, may appeal that decision to the commission by filing a notice of appeal specifying the grounds for the appeal with the county auditor within 30 days after the final action of the county board.