This timeline shows the history of the Cache County Water Department. It also shows future plans to maintain and expand water resources within Cache County.

1860: Early Claims

1904-1927: Power Development

1912-1919: Irrigation Contracts

1920: Dietrich Decree

1922: Kimball Decree

1958: Bear River Compact

1966-Present: Potential Reservoir Site Studies

1980: Bear River Compact Amended

1989: Subsequent Service Contract

1990: Modeling of the Bear River

1991: Bear River Water Development Act

1995: Bear River Water Settlement Agreement

1999: Cache County Ground Water Management Plan

2012: Supply and Demand Data from DWRe

2012: Public Process

Mar 8 Bear River Small Pumpers Meeting
Mar 28 Presentation at Utah Mini Water Users Conference
Apr 30 Started Stakeholder Interviews

Over 40 interviews conducted, including representatives of drinking water systems, Division of Water Rights, Pacificorp, conservancy districts, river commissioners, Bear River Bird Refuge, The Nature Conservancy, and county and state representatives.
May 29 Report to Joint Council (Logan City & Cache County)
Jun 4 Irrigation Stakeholder Workshop
Jul 10 Report to County Council
Jul 18 Steering Committee Meeting #1 (39 participants)
Oct 25 Steering Committee Meeting #2 (45 participants)
Nov 7/12 USU Staff Input Meetings
Dec 11 Report to County Council

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2013: Master Plan Report to County Council

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2013: Public Process

Jan 16 Steering Committee Meeting #3
Feb 12 Report to County Council
Mar 6 Bear River Small Pumpers Meeting
Apr 4 Presentation at Utah Mini Water Users Conference
Apr 24 Steering Committee Meeting #4 (Review Draft Master Plan)
May 11 Meeting with Mayors of Cache County
May 28 Present findings to Cache County Council
Aug Final Report

Stakeholder input given through the process outlined above was used to help create objective criteria to evaluate a number of future projects, and then to evaluate what management system should be in place to implement the selected projects.

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2014-2016: Public Education Campaign to Conserve Water and Form a District

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2014-2040: Aquifer Storage and Recovery Studies and Development

2014-2016: Environmental Water Demands Study

2014 Forward: Bank Water Rights

2014-2060: Reservoir Studies and Development

2017 Forward: Implement a Water Management Structure

2020-2060: Canal Rehabilitation Program

2020-2060: Construct Secondary Water Systems