SOQ - Water Master Plan Question and Answer

Question: Will you consider SOQs from non-engineering firms?

Answer: Cache County recognizes that teams may consist of various members, not all of whom are engineers. However, the resulting WMP contract must be signed by a Utah licensed engineer.


Question: Will you consider SOQs from teams of more than one firm?

Answer: Yes.


Question:Why is this going out to bid if JUB is the engineering firm of record for the County and also successfully wrote the grant for the Bureau of Reclamation? Answer: We are following County procurement processes and this does not reflect Cache County’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction with JUB.

Is a proposed schedule needed at the SOQ stage?

Answer: No, but it would help.


Question:What form of proof of licensure in good standing does Cache County require? Answer: We welcome as much as you are willing to offer with copies of current licensure and perhaps notarized letters or affidavits that they are in good standing. Some statement that is made “under penalty of perjury,” type of clause would be useful.

Request a “complete, audited, and certified copy of a current financial report of the firm” – Can we use our annual report? Perhaps phrase like – Annually we issue a report on the firm to our stockholders and our financials are reviewed by an outside accountant. Would this be sufficient for this request?

Answer: Yes


Question:Financial stability of the firm or solo practitioner – is this demonstrated in the financial report or is something else required?

Answer: You decide how to reassure the County that yours is a financially stable firm.


Question:Clauses of Indemnification of and “hold harmless” Cache County for all acts and/or omissions… What exactly is this requesting? Just a statement releasing Cache County from any acts by firms?

Answer: Yes in accordance with 63G-6-603.


Question:Is Cache County requesting an insurance certificate at this point or do they just need a statement that we will comply with insurance limits and provisions?

Answer: It seems reasonable to supply it at this point.


Question:Do resumés count toward the page limitation?

Answer: No


Question:Do certificates and other forms of proof of insurance as well as proof of professional and business licensure count toward the page limitations?

Answer: No