Answers to Selected Questions

Question: In the RFQ where it refers to working with an “attorney representing the County,” does this mean an attorney employed or hired by the County?

Answer: Yes, or the designee. Thus, if another attorney has helped in the matter, such as Logan City Attorney or one representing any of the other involved stakeholders, where that attorney’s client’s interests are the same as the County’s interests, then that attorney may be considered a “designee” given the cooperative nature of this project spanning many jurisdictions and interests.


Question: Can the selected consultant provide suggested improvements to the Scope to better clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Project Manager?”

Answer: Yes


Question: Consultants may have exceptions or comments on the Scope of Work language due to insurance limitations. Can the language be adapted to meet these limitations during the contract negotiation process?”

Answer: Cache County requires all the indemnification possible under the laws of the State of Utah while taking into consideration the type of contract. Please see Utah Code 63G-6-603. Please note, Cache County is reasonable on this matter.


Question: Is the final contract language between the County and Project manager drafted and available for review during the RFQ process?

Answer: No, please be prepared with contract language.


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