Paying Property Taxes

The Treasurer's office accepts payments of cash, check, or credit card (fee applies) in the office. Payments may also be sent by mail to 179 North Main Street, Room 201, Logan, UT 84321. As a convenience, you may pay taxes online or via telephone through Forte Payment Systems (Nine-digit parcel number required).


What if I don't know my Parcel Number?

Enter your address into the search bar on the left side of the Parcel Lookup page.


Taxes Become Delinquent After November 30 Each Year

Payments received after NOVEMBER 30 are subject to a per parcel penalty of 2.5% or $10, whichever is greater. If delinquent taxes and this penalty are paid on or before January 31 this penalty will be reduced to the greater of 1% or $10. Interest will be charged starting from January 1 for all delinquent amounts at the rate defined by Utah State Statute 59-2-1331 (currently at 7%).


Information Box

In the information box on your tax notice, there may be a sentence indicating that your property tax notice has been sent to your mortgage company. If this is the case, it is your responsbility to verify with your mortgage company that these property taxes have been paid. Example


There may also be different information in the same section indicating that prior year taxes remain unpaid for this parcel. Please call or visit our office to make payment arrangements. Example


Prepayment Registration

To register to receive prepayment coupons for next year's taxes, use the Prepayment Registration form.



Bookmark This PageForte Payment Systems Directions

Highlighted tax notice

  1. Please initial below to go to Forte Payment Systems and make a payment.
  2. Once on the Forte page, use the Next button on the right to start the process.
  3. Enter your nine-digit Parcel Number in the Search box excluding dashes. This number is on your tax notice (see image).
  4. Click the Submit button, and if successful, you'll see your parcel information in the main window. Holding the mouse arrow over the parcel line will show additional details such as proposed taxes or delinquent amounts.
  5. Verify that your parcel information is correct, and click the Add button. If your information is wrong, click the search button to search again.
  6. After clicking the Add button, you'll be prompted to define how much you would like to pay for this parcel at this time. DO NOT PAY OVER THE TOTAL DUE.
  7. Click Submit again, and the amount you've defined will be associated with this parcel in the main window.
  8. After verifying that you've added all your parcels and everything looks correct in the main window, click the Continue button.
  9. The next screen displays your cart contents. Click the Pay Now button if everything still looks correct.
  10. You can pay your taxes via credit card or electronic check. Fill out the required information and click the Submit button to pay your taxes.
  11. You can prepay future taxes via this website. Be aware that final tax rates are not set until mid-October. Amounts shown are proposed only and may change.



Forte Fees

Using Forte for online payments comes with an associated cost. Rather than raising taxes to pay for credit card processing fees, Cache County has decided the fee will be paid by the taxpayer choosing to utilize this convenience.

  • Credit card payments will have a 2.45% fee (minimum fee of $1.95) that will appear as a separate transaction on your credit card statement.
  • VISA debit card payments will have a $3.95 fee.
  • Electronic checks are free.



Online Payment Link

Cache County accepts delinquent and proposed taxes via online payment. Rollback, garbage, and unattached taxes are not shown online.

For proposed taxes, this is only an estimate.

Final tax assessment amounts may change and will be shown on your annual tax notice which is mailed in the latter part of October of every year.

Click the acknowledgement button below to get the link to pay proposed and/or back taxes.