Are My Property Taxes Paid?

Property tax notices are always sent to the homeowner. If you have a mortgage, we also provide your mortgage company with the finalized amounts due at the same time your notice is printed. If your notice shows "ANTICIPATED MORTGAGE PAYMENT" on the payment stub, your mortgage company has requested this information and the finalized amounts were just sent to them. Mortgage companies collect an estimate of the taxes, but only pay after the amounts are set (at the end of October). We anticipate their payment at the end of November.


Payments made on-line also take up to 2 or 3 days to process, but are credited the date the payment was made.


With the release of the Cache County CORE tax information website, it is possible for property owners to check the status of their property taxes.


Enter your parcel number below. The button will activate when you've entered a complete parcel number. Or if you don't know your parcel number, go to the Public Search and enter your information.


Alternatively, use the address search below to open the GIS Parcel Viewer centered on the location.


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