Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I purchased my property this year, will I get a valuation and tax notice?

A: By law (USC 59-2-303) notifications are normally mailed to the January 1 recorded owner. Unless you, as the new property owner contact the County Treasurer's office and give us your name and mailing address, current year notifications will normally be sent to the January 1 owner. By contacting the Treasurer's office your tax notice will reflect the January 1 ownership AND will be placed in care of you for mailing purposes. Because ownership of property can change throughout the year it is important that the party responsible for payment of the current tax year notify the Treasurer's office so we can provide you with the valuation and tax information.


Q: When I purchased my property, my taxes were "prorated." What does this mean?

A: Title companies will, along with many other services, prorate the current year tax to the best of their ability. This means that early in the tax year their estimate of the years tax will be based on several factors, one being the previous years tax amount. If it appears the value will change from the previous year (segregation, vacant to residential, etc.) they will base the prorated tax amount on the fair market value for the current year. The largest majority of title companies will indicate a credit to the buyer on the settlement statement. This credit is the sellers portion of the current year tax. This credit is NOT paid to the County Treasurer for property taxes but is given to the buyer. The buyer will then be responsible for the full years tax having received this credit. This is why it is so important that the new property owners notify the Treasurer's office of their name and mailing address so we can send them the current year tax notice. Occasionally a title company will apply the seller's portion of the property taxes to the current year tax as a PREPAYMENT. If this occurs, the balance of the yearly tax is the responsibility of the current owner. Again, this emphasizes the importance of notifying the Treasurer of your mailing address.


Q: I have an escrow account with a mortgage company; is there anything of which I should be aware?

A: It is the property owner's responsibility to keep track of whether their mortgage company will be or has paid their property taxes for them. If a mortgage company holds an escrow account that includes the payment of property taxes, the procedure for payment varies by company. Typically, each mortgage company will request the tax amount from the county. This request can be via an electronic request, paper request, or occasionally the actual mailing of the tax notice itself. The mortgage company is required to make this request each tax season. If the request is received early enough, the front of your statement will show the message in RED or BLUE, "A mortgage company has received this tax notice. If you have a mortgage company that pays your taxes, use this notice for your records." This is ONLY an indication of a company's request for the tax amount. You, as a property owner, must determine whether the taxes will be paid by your mortgage company. You should also receive an "End of Year Statement" from your mortgage company indicating funds have been disbursed from your account. The majority of payments from mortgage companies are not posted until November 30th. The treasurer's website is updated nightly and reflects all payments posted. This is an additional resource if additional verification is desired. If payment has been made, your parcel will show paid in full.


Q: When are tax notices mailed, when is the payment due, and how can I pay?

A: Property tax notices are mailed the third week of October or as soon as the tax rates are certified by the county, cities, and state. The due date will always be November 30th unless this day falls on a weekend, then the due date will move to the following Monday. Payments are posted according to postmark, date paid in office, or date initiated online, NOT the date printed on the check.


If you have not received a tax notice by the first of November, please call the Treasurer's office so we can resend or email the billing and/or provide you with the tax amount. Payments are accepted by mail, in person at the Treasurer's Office, online at, or using our automated telephone system at 1-877-690-3729 (USE JURISDICTION CODE: 3412). A drop box is also available just outside the Treasurer's Office in case of a long line.


Payments are accepted by Cash, Check, E-Check*, Money Order, Credit Card (2.45% processing fee - minimum of $1.95 applies) or VISA Debit Card ($3.95 fee applies).


Make traditional checks payable to the Cache County Treasurer.


*When paying using an E-Check please have a valid check complete with bank routing number and account number (Deposit slips will not always work). Funds must be available at the time an e-check is initiated. There is no service fee to use an e-check.


Q: What if my check is returned for insufficient funds?

A: Depending on the time of year and the tax year being paid, you may be subject to additional penalty and interest. If you are notified by your lending institution of your check being returned to us, please contact us immediately. You will be given a new figure for the payoff amount. If you are unable to make payment immediately, the payment may need to be reversed until funds are available. Penalty and interest will continue to accrue.


Q: Will I receive a receipt?

A: To reduce unnecessary mailing and associated costs to Cache County taxpayers, those who remit payment by mail will not receive a return receipt unless specifically requested with the tax payment. Persons presenting payment at our counter will receive a receipt at the time of payment (please bring in the entire tax notice - without separating the perforated portion - this allows for your portion to be validated. Separated notices must be reprinted and add time and cost to the transaction.). Payments made online will receive an email receipt and payments by phone may be verified by your bank statement. For record-keeping and tax purposes, your tax notice and cancelled check, email, copy of money order, or bank statement will serve as a receipt. You can also go online and verify and/or print your parcel's payment information. As always, you can come to the office or call.


Q. Can I prepay Taxes?

A. Yes, beginning in February. There are four ways you can make prepayments:

You can prepay up to 90% of future year taxes via the treasurer website, in the office or by mail.  Be aware that the final tax rates are not set until mid-October and amounts shown are proposed and will change.  For specific amounts to pay you can request a coupon book when you send in your yearend tax payment or using this link

Please do not prepay during December or January, as we are still reconciling the current tax year.  Coupon books will be sent for parcels over $100 at no additional cost in February.  The calculation for coupon books are figured in this manner – 90% of Last Year's Taxes divided by 8, with the remainder due November 30.

Please use this same information if you choose to set up bill pay through your bank.  At some future point the county may be able to automate tax payments, but do not currently offer this service.

Overpayments will be researched and generally applied to next year according to posted Treasurer procedures. Multiple overpayments will be returned.


Q: What if I cannot pay my taxes?

A: Tax relief programs exist for citizens of Cache County who meet certain criteria. Current programs include: Veteran's Exemption (based on service-related disability), Blind Exemption, Circuit Breaker (over 66 or widow/widower), and Disability/Hardship. For property owners who do not meet the criteria for tax relief, partial payments are accepted until taxes are paid in full. The applicable penalty is attached, and interest on delinquent taxes continues to accrue until taxes are paid in full. Still have questions?


Contact the Cache County Treasurer's office at 435-755-1500 for more information.