Records of Surveys Recorded

Utah State Code 17-23-17 requires a Record of Survey be filed with the County Surveyor when a land surveyor establishes or re-establishes a boundary line or obtains data for constructing a map or plat showing a boundary line within 90 days of the establishment or reestablishment of the boundary line.


Below are links to the note books used by the County Surveyor to log when Records of Survey were recorded within the office.



Filename Filesize Date
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png 1_LogBook1_1987-1999.pdf 24.1 MB 2018-05-22
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png 2_LogBook2_2000-2004.pdf 19.52 MB 2018-05-22
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png 3_LogBook3_2005-2014.pdf 22.94 MB 2018-05-22
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png 4_LogBook4_2014.pdf 97.82 kB 2018-05-22
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png 5_LogBook5_2015.pdf 112.19 kB 2018-05-22
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png 6_LogBook6_2016.pdf 101.09 kB 2018-05-22
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png 7_LogBook7_2017.pdf 101.44 kB 2018-05-22
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png 8_LogBook8_2018.pdf 75.21 kB 2019-04-11
/assets/components/filedownload/img/filetypes/document-pdf.png 9_LogBook9_2019.pdf 114.53 kB 2019-10-18



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