Upon receiving a request for a Meal on Wheels delivery, an assessment will be made with the senior client by a representative from the Cache County Senior Citizens Center. During the assessment arrangements will be made to deliver meals on specified days and an approximate time. It is necessary that senior clients are home to accept these meals. If senior clients are not going to be home, they must call and cancel the meal. This call needs to be made no later than 9:00 a.m. the day of cancelation.


It is important that senior clients must be home to receive the meal delivery. If the senior client is not home at the time of delivery the meal will NOT be left. It is imperative that all appointments and errands be made at different times than when the driver comes.


The Meal-on-Wheels program is a two part service; delivery of a hot nutritious meal and a personal contact to ensure the well-being of our seniors clients. It is important that senior clients leave their door unlocked so the driver will be able to bring the meal. It is imperative that the driver communicates with the senior client when they come to their home, if they are unable to make contact with the senior client; they are required to search their home. If the senior client is not there or if they are locked out, a call will be made to the Cache County Senior Citizens Center. We then will make a call to the emergency contact.


Our drivers and staff are concerned about the senior client’s well-being. The job of the Meals on Wheels volunteer is to make sure that the senior clients are physically well and that the living situation is such that will insure their health. If they find a concern they will discuss this only with the staff at the Cache County Senior Citizens Center. If a problem is found, an emergency contact will be informed and if necessary emergency personnel will be called to give aid. Many times our drivers are the first to arrive at a senior's home who is in an emergency situation. The most common emergencies are falls or a need for medical attention. If the senior client is not conscious or obviously hurt or very ill, 911 will be called immediately and our driver will wait until help arrives


If senior clients are not home when the Meals on Wheels driver tries to deliver the meal, it will not be left in the home or in a cooler.


If you are in need of our Meals on Wheels program call Kris at 755-1722 - hours are from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.