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American West Heritage Center

The funds are used for operations and programmatic purposes including manpower and supplies to support programs events and activities.

The center has doubled their visitor numbers over the past five years, from 30,000 to 60,000 annual visitors.  There is not another entity in the county that serves as many community members.

Matching Funds: Yes, partial match with volunteer labor
Recognition Methods: On all program materials and use of banners at events

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Cache County Fair & Rodeo

The bleachers at the fair grounds were upgraded to make them safer and prevent children from falling through the benches.  A needed bathroom was finished, as well as a concession stand on the east side of rodeo grounds.  A new pavilion was built near the existing fair buildings. These projects were accomplished for health and safety purposes.

Matching Funds: No matching funds
Recognition Methods: No Recognition 

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Hyde Park City

Hyde Park has made a master plan for a new trail and park on the east side of the city as a result of this funding. RAPZ funding has instigated other grants. The Lion’s Park project used $50,000 RAPZ funding to put in a parking lot and playground and matched this with $20,000 from the city along with the manpower and equipment to make it happen. The city used the additional 15% and put it with the RAPZ funding to complete the projects at the Lion’s Park and Lee’s Park Restroom projects. The RAPZ funding helped finish some projects that the city has started and also instigated some new projects.

Matching Funds: 40% match of $ plus man-power and equipment
Recognition Methods: No consistent recognition

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Lewiston City Movie Theater

Lewiston city has received funding over the years for several projects including the replacement of the theater seating, sound system upgrade, and a projector replacement.  Other projects include the park pavillion cook and facility replacement.


Matching Funds: Matching funds from community but only 30%

Recognition Methods: No physical Recognition 

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Nibley City Park

RAPZ funds have been granted to Nibley city over the years to aid in the development of city parks.   The city has contributed labor and equipment to all projects.  Both the 800 West Park / Soccer Field, and the Heritage Park / Baseball field projects received funding.

Matching Funds: 40% match of $ plus man-power and equipment
Recognition Methods: No consistent recognition 

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Mendon City Restored Train Station

Mendon City has received funding for improvements made in the restored train station, including restrooms and concession booth countertops which were replaced as a result of needs expressed by the Health Department.   Other projects include a city park project, playground equipment, funding for the "Concert in the Park" series, as well as the 100 East Trail and Safe Route to School project.

Matching Funds: Not direct match but manpower and equipment

Recognition Methods: Plaque is on the wall at station, otherwise no recognition 

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Willow Park Zoo - Wildlife Learning Center

RAPZ funding keeps the Zoo in operation.  The city of Logan puts no money toward the zoo except in the form of snow removal and liability coverage.  There are no operating funds being given. 

The following projects have been completed: 

Wildlife Learning Center  

Exhibits in the Center Row
Perimeter Fencing
Elk and Deer exhibit area
New animal acquisitions
Replace used pickup truck
Maintenance and operations 

Matching Funds: No Matching funds
Recognition Methods: Signs at the entrance

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