Code Amendment

Information about specific code amendment requests currently being considered or acted upon by the Cache County Planning Commission, and/or Council can be found by selecting an amendment proposal from below.  The application for an ordinance amendment can be found here.


Current Requests


Ord./Res. #Amended SectionsStatusEffective
Pending Memo and Application for changes to Title 17: Commercial  Pending Pending
2017-03 Title 17: Agritourism and related amendments Approved 12 April 2017
pending Title 17: Use Related Definitions - 5100 Rec. Facility discussion pending
2015-09 Title 17: Airport: Public Hearing 14 July 2015, 5:45 p.m. Public Hearing pending



Ord./Res. #Amended SectionsStatusEffective
Ord. 2015-01 Title 17: Uses Approved 28Jan15
Ord. 2015-03 Title 17: Kennels Approved 24Mar15


Ord./Res. #Amended SectionsStatusEffective
Ord. 2014-03 Title 16, 17: Various amendments Approved 12Apr2014

Ord. 2014-06

Title 17.18: Sensitive Areas and related updates Approved 25Jun2014
Ord. 2014-07 Title 17.20: Telecommunication Facilities and related updates Approved 25Jun2014


Ord./Res. #Amended SectionsStatusEffective
Ord. 2013-02 §17.07 Definitions, §17.09 Schedule of Zoning Uses, and §17.21 Small Business Standards Approved 27Feb2013
Ord. 2013-06

§17.05 Supplementary and Qualifying Regulations,

§17.08 Zoning Districts,

§17.09 Schedule of Zoning Uses,

§17.10 Site Development Standards,

§17.13 Mineral Extraction and Excavation Overlay Zone,

§17.15 Sand and Gravel Overlay Zone,

§17.17 Airport Limitation Overlay Zones,

§17.18 Sensitive Areas Overlay, and

§17.19 Public Infrastructure Overlay Zone

Approved 13Mar2013
Ord. 2013-08 §17.22 Off-Street Parking Standards Approved 08May2013
Ord. 2013-14 Titles 10 and 12: Updates and Roadway Standards Approved 23Oct2013
Res. 2013-25 Amendments to the Manual of Roadway Design and Construction Standards Approved 12Nov2013
Res. 2013-27 Development Services Fee Schedule Approved 12Nov2013


Ord./Res. #Amended SectionsStatusEffective
Ord. 2012-07 §17.09 Use Chart - Self Service Storage Facility Approved 16Aug2012