Gateway Trail Project

gateway trail

Near the mouth of Logan Canyon the Gateway Trail project connects the Pipeline Trail which lies on the north side of SR-89 to the Nature Trail which is located on the south side of SR-89.  Situated at a SR-89 bridge crossing over the Logan River near the Stokes Nature Center this project will provide great utility and convenience to trail users.  No longer will trail users need to cross the road surface of SR-89 as this will now be accomplished by way of a grade separated underpass of SR-89 at the Logan River Bridge.  The trail project also provides a new crossing of the Logan River in connecting to the Nature Trail.  These features are depicted on the project map shown below.  Great improvement to the safety of both motorists and trail users will be provided.  Parking for trail users will now be concentrated at the first dam parking areas.  Trail users will have access to all of the trail amenities of Logan Canyon trail network without the need to cross SR-89 in lower canyon areas.

Construction began on the trail connection project late in the fall of 2012.  Completion of work is planned for the spring of 2013 in time for trail users to take advantage of this new amenity as the 2013 outdoor recreation season begins to develop.  This project has spent years in the early planning and development stages.  Funding for the work has been a real challenge with overall funding being drawn for this project from several sources over multiple funding years including 2010-2012  Cache County RAPZ funds, 2009-2010 Utah State Parks and Trails funds, 2011 Logan City RAPZ funds, and 2011-2013 UDOT Enhancement Funds.