Classes A-C (Foods, Food Preservation, Quilts, & Wall Hangings)

Class A: Foods

  • Lot 1. Bread Loaf (1)
  • Lot 2. Rolls (4 on a plate) or Quick Breads (1)
  • Lot 3. Cakes (1)
  • Lot 4. Cupcakes (4 on a plate)
  • Lot 5. Cake Decorating (1)
  • Lot 6. Cookies (4 Cookies on a plate)
  • Lot 8. Pies (no cream pies)
  • Lot 9. Other



Items requiring refrigeration will not be accepted.



 Sweepstakes  $5
 Blue  $3
 Red  $2
 White  $1


Thanks to Red Star Yeast for supplying prizes to all food participants, and for providing the prize for the best bread.



Class B: Food Preservation

  • Lot 1. Fresh Fruits
  • Lot 2. Vegetables
  • Lot 3. Jams
  • Lot 4. Jellies
  • Lot 5. Pickles
  • Lot 6. Relish
  • Lot 7. Sauce
  • Lot 8. Canned Meats
  • Lot 9. Home Dried Fruits & Veggies
  • Lot 10. Homemade Soap
  • Lot 11. Soups
  • Lot 12. Syrups
  • Lot 13. Fruit Butters
  • Lot 14. Juices
  • Lot 15. Other



Canning older than 12 months will not be accepted. PLEASE BE SELECTIVE. USE CLEAN, UNIFORM SIZED JARS. All entries must be LABELED and HAVE THE RINGS. The number of jars that constitute an exhibit is two 1-quart jars or two 1-pint jars. For example, you can bring 2 quart of green beans or 2 pints of green beans, but not both. Use regulation bottles such as Ball, Kerr, etc.



Sweepstakes $5
Blue $2.50
Red $2
White $1




Class C: Quilts and Wall Hangings

  • Lot 1. Quilts
  • Lot 2. Wall Hangings
  • Lot 3. Other


Judging Criteria

First Impression: Visual impact, general appearance is neat and clean

Design & Creativity: Fabric & colors complement the overall design. The surface design is pleasing and balanced. The quilting enhances the entire quilt.

Quilt Workmanship: Piecing is accurate, points meet precisely. If there is applique design, stitches are invisible and add to the overall design. Quilt top, pattern, borders, and setting will relate to each other.

Quilting: Quilting stitches are even and adequate. Pattern markings are invisible. Quilting design fits the space it is designed to fill.

Quilt Back: Backing is smooth, showing no large skipped stitches, loops, or knots.

Binding: Binding or edge is well made and fits with the quilt style. Corners are mitered preciesly or are rounded and smooth. If envelope style is used, corners are precise, square, and even. Binding uniformly full of filler. Binding is sewn on securely. Matching thread is used with invisible stitches, if hand sown.



Quilts may be either hand or machine quilted. If a quilt is completed by one or more persons, the names of those who participated in the project must be noted on the entry form. Accepted sewing techniques include: embroidered, pieced or whole cloth, textile painting, applique (hand or machine), and cross stitch. HAND OR MACHINE QUILTS WILL BE JUDGED ON THEIR OWN MERITS, AND NOT AGAINST EACH OTHER.



Sweepstakes $5
Blue $5
Red $4
White $3


Thanks to our friends at My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe for providing prizes in the quilting division.

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