2016 Cache County Spring Training

These classes will be held mostly at St. 120 and the Tower. We will still be doing the tour during the Red Card Class. Your Fire Chiefs have the detailed schedule and enrollment information. Any questions please contact your Fire Chief or you can call Rod Kearl (435-890-9504) or email me (rod.kearl@cachecounty.org) and I can send you the detailed schedule. These classes are open to all who are affiliated and sponsored by a Fire Department in Cache County.


Firefighter 1

January 4th - March 19th Mostly M, W, F 1800-2200 and a few Saturdays 0900-1700.


HazMat Awareness and Operations

March 21st - April 18th M, W, F 1800-2200. NO Saturdays.


Wildland Red Card

April 20th - May 13th M, W, F 1800-2200. Two Saturdays 0900-1700 we will be going to numerous stations during this class.


Firefighter 2

May 16th - June 3rd M, W, F 1800-2200. One Saturday 0900-1700.