Public Education Coalition

Cache Valley Public Education Coalition

The Cache Valley Fire Public Education Coalition was created in 2005 by joining the public education efforts and funding of all of the fire departments of both Cache County and Franklin County Fire Districts and Logan City Fire and EMS.


All firefighters feel that the best way to fight fire and mitigate emergency situations is to prevent them from happening. Individually fire departments have limited time, money, and resources for public education, and fire prevention, but together this coalition is able to support the community and offer better fire safety awareness and prevention programs such as working with CERT (community emergency response teams), vigorous advertising and awarness campaigns with fire and seasonal safety tips via the radio, newspapers and other types of media resources.  Other programs such as the Free Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Programs are new programs only made possible by participating in the coalition.


In our continuing effort to educate the public in fire safety and emergency prevention, the Cache County Fire District offers station tours, emergency response training and public awareness demonstrations to the citizens of Cache County. We can accommodate most groups and provide fire safety training, emergency preparedness demonstrations, public awareness tours or a tour of one of the fire stations. Tours and training opportunities should be scheduled one week in advance; any special requests should be noted at that time. Please contact the fire district at 755-1670 to schedule a tour or training. 


Free Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Program

The Cache Valley Fire Education Coalition has created a program to offer free smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors to the citizens of Cache County. Residents can qualify for this program by qualifying in at least on of the three following categories: low income (not able to afford one), elderly (generally 62 years of age or older), or disabled. We are not requiring proof of one of these qualifications, just that the individual requesting a smoke and or CO detector declares which of these three categories they are making the request under.


Any citizen of the Cache County qualifying with one these situations may call the Public Education Coalition at 716-9518 to request a detector. Detectors are limited to one smoke detector per floor with bedrooms, maximum of two per home, and one CO detector per home. A Cache County Fire District Firefighter will assist qualifying individuals with proper detector placement and installation.


At Cache County Fire, we desire that every citizen have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in their homes. We have witnessed the devastation brought to our citizens by fire and carbon monoxide emergencies. Those citizens who have proper working detectors minimize the devastation by having early warning to these situations. Please help us, help you by making sure that all of our citizens have smoke and CO detectors in their homes.