Agricultural Burn Permits

An open burn window has not been approved by the state forester for the fall of 2017. Burning restrictions are in place due to the extreme fire danger for Box Elder, Cache, Rich and Weber Counties. The state forester will re-evaluate the fire risk on October 1, 2017.

This form is for Agriculture Permits ONLY and ONLY on property zoned as agriculture. For all other burns, the next open burn season will be in fall 2017.


*Phone: ex: xxx-xxx-xxxx



*Zip Code:

*What will be burned: (check all that apply)

Ditch Bankes / Canals
Fence Lines

*Terms and Conditions:
  • No open burning is allowed if the clearing index is less than 500, under red-flag (high wind) warnings or during mandatory no-burn periods
  • No burning of construction waste, residential rubbish, garbage, tires, flammable solids and liquids, tar, metal salvage or motor vehicle bodies
  • All burning shall be at least 50 ft from any building
  • All burn piles must be reasonably dry and free of dirt
  • A means to suppress the fire must be available or on-site
  • A responsible person age 18 or older shall be with the fire at all times
  • All fires shall be out before dark (30 min after sunset)
  • Burning must not impact the health and welfare of the public
  • If the smoke or fire is considered a nuisance, fire department/law enforcement can order the fire to be extinguished. If a fire department response is required for failure to extinguish or for unattended fires, the permit holder will be responsible for the cost of extinguishment and may receive a citation for public nuisance.
  • Burn permits are subject to local, state, and federal rules and regulations
I agree to the terms above.