Equestrian Rules

  1. No alcoholic beverages or smoking allowed as stated by Logan City ordinance.
  2. Dogs are allowed when Fairgrounds are not rented. Events may set their own policies on dogs. All dogs must be under control and are the responsibility of their owner or handler
  3. Promoters/Patrons are asked to vacate the premises immediately following their scheduled time slot or special event.
  4. Each person using the arenas during open riding time will be required to purchase an open riding pass.
  5. Pass riders will be required to visibly display their pass on their person with the expiration date showing.
  6. Open riders must be out of the building 30 minutes prior to any scheduled event. Please check the reservation board for scheduled events. Reservations will be posted on a monthly basis. All scheduled reservations are subject to change without notice. For the most up to date schedule go to the fairgrounds schedule on our web page.
  7. When using the Cache Arena, horses must enter through the east and west doors.
  8. Horses are not to be ridden in a reckless manner.
  9. If crossing the path of another horse, courtesy and safety must be used.
  10. Pass left shoulder to left shoulder in the arena unless working on the inside track (circles, diagonals, etc.).
  11. Keep the rail clear for riding.
  12. Do not tie horses in roping box.
  13. No lunging in the arena when more than three (3) horses are in it, excluding tied horses.
  14. When lunging, keep the radius of the circle small enough that other riders can still use the track.
  15. No roping in the indoor arena during open riding.
  16. All messes made by your horse/livestock will be your responsibility to clean up.
  17. No parking allowed in the Armory Parking Lot.
  18. Gain access to the outdoor arena through north end of Fairgrounds.
  19. Overnight tying of horses to trailers will not be permitted as long as stalls are available. In the event that stalls are not available it will be permissible for horses to be tied to trailers. Absolutely no tying or riding allowed on the lawns West of the rodeo arena.
  20. No horses west of track or on grass areas, except when accessing the Cache Arena.
  21. Don't tie horses to arena fences or trees.
  22. Don't turn horses loose in arenas.
  23. Event organizers/horse owners will be responsible for the immediate removal and disposal of all injured or deceased animals that may occur during their event.
  24. Report any accidents or damage to the Fairgrounds office 750-9896 or the Cache County Executive’s office at 435-755-1850. In case of emergency call 911.
  25. Individual lessons are permitted if there is a signed agreement, a valid open riding pass agreement and trained horses are used.
  26. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the loss of future use of this facility