2018 Candidate Filings

The following offices are up for election in the year 2018. 


Federal Offices

Information for Candidates that have filed for U.S. Senate and U.S. House District #1 can be found on the State of Utah Elections Website     


State Offices

State House Representative #1

This is a mulit-county Seat, Information for Candidates that have filed for this office can be found on the State of Utah Elections Website


State House Representative #3

Marilyn Mecham (Democrat) 

Val K. Potter (Republican)

State House Representative #4

Josh Brundage (Democrat)

Dan N. Johnson (Republican)

Greg Merrill (Republican)  - OUT IN PRIMARY

State House Representative #5

Karina Andelin Brown (Democrat)

Steve B. Hanson (Republican) - WITHDREW CANDIDACY FILING 3/23/2018

Casey Snider (Republican)

State Senate Representative #17

Candidates for this seat are multi-county.  Their filing information can be found on the State of Utah Elections Website



County Offices

Cache County Attorney

James M Swink (Republican)

Cache County Clerk/Auditor

Jill N Zollinger (Republican)

Cache County Executive

Craig W. Buttars (Republican)

Cache County Sheriff

D. Chad Jensen (Republican)



Cache County Council

Logan #3 District

Paul R Borup (Republican)

Jennifer Roark (Democrat)

Northeast District

Shannon Rhodes (Democrat)

Gina Worthen (Republican)

Southeast District

Michael E Johnson (Republican) OUT IN CONVENTION

Rebecca Winstead (Democrat)

Gordon A. Zilles (Republican)



State School Board

District # 1

Terryl Warner 



Cache County School Board

District #2

Roger Pulsipher

District #4

Randall T. Bagley

Shellie Giddings

District #5

Allen N Grunig

District #7

Teri Rhodes



Logan School Board

District #1

Kristie Dawn Cooley

District #4

Frank C. Stewart

District #5

Sara Menlove Doutre

Daniel C Kent - OUT IN PRIMARY

Larry J Williams



Water District Board

Logan #3

Jonathan Kirby

Herm Olsen

Northeast District

Bret Randall

South District

Jonathan W. Hardman

Southeast District

Shaun Dustin


E. Travis Littledike - WITHDREW CANDIDACY FILING 4/5/2018

Kirt Lindley

Brett Roper




 (Filing Date For Judges is Monday July 2, 2018 to Monday July 16)

Justice Court

Matthew C. Funk

Court of Record

Kevin K. Allen