General Plan Update


 Welcome to the Cache County General Plan Update


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Cache County is working on the first update to its General Plan in 22 years. In addition to this update Cache County is also undertaking a Regional Collaboration Plan, Urban and Rural Areas Assessment, and Cost of Services Plan. We are excited to make the update process open and accessible to anyone who wants to be involved and share ideas.  The General Plan Update will help shape the next  20 years of Cache County's growth and change.





  About the Plans

General Plan: 

The General Plan contains the elements that the state mandates all communities address including Land Use, Transportation, and Moderate Income Housing Plan. this lays out the vision, goals and policies for the next twenty (20) years guiding land use and policy decisions , as well as goals and implementation techniques.


Urban and Rural Assessment Areas and Cost of Services Plan:

This plan will identify existing and future growth patterns and focus on services such as Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Sewer, Water, and Roads. It will evaluate what growth patterns are sustainable, and explore three different growth scenarios to identify best options for future growth.


Regional Collaboration Plan:

The Regional Collaboration plan will focus on improving and establishing communication and involvement protocols on a regional basis, while developing strategies for service-based growth. This plan will seek to develop a regional communication plan, and develop strategies for valley-wide growth that ties the location of growth to the location of services.