Name Change


 Name Change After Marriage


Federal and state agencies may require a certified copy of your marriage license in order to process your name change. A certified copy may be requested and purchased here.


For information on how to update your Utah driver's license with your new name, you can visit the Utah Department of Public Safety website here.


For information on updating your Social Security card, you can visit the Social Security Administration website here.


Certified Copy of Marriage License

 If a marriage license was issued in Cache County, you may obtain a certified copy once it has been returned to the County Clerk’s Office. Copies are available in one of four ways:


  • Mail
    • 179 N. Main St., Suite 102, Logan, UT 84321
    • Send a written request including: Full names of the couple, date of marriage, Marriage License number (if known), Certified Copy Fee: $10 each (Money Order only)