Certified Copies

If a marriage license was issued in Cache County, you may obtain a certified copy once it has been returned to the County Clerk’s Office. To verify a marriage license is on file before purchasing, you may call the County Clerk's office at 435-755-1460. Copies are available in one of four ways:



In Person

  • Certified Copy Fee: $10 each (Plus service fee if using credit card or debit card)
  • Uncertified Copy Fee: $5 each (Plus service fee if using credit card or debit card)

By Phone

  • 435-755-1460
  • Must have a VISA, Discover, or MasterCard
  • Certified Copy Fee: $10 each (Plus $1.50 service fee)

By Mail

  • 179 N. Main St., Suite 102, Logan, UT 84321
  • Send a written request including:
  • Full names of couple
  • Date of marriage
  • Marriage License number (if known)
  • Certified Copy Fee: $10 each (Money Order only)


Marriages Before 1887 

Civil registration of marriages was not required in Utah until 1987;  however, some records of marriages before 1887 are in the justice of the peace or probate court records.  These early marriage records were usually interfiled with other court matters.

Some early records are also available in the following Findmypast collection: Unted StatesMarriages -- Utah, 1805-1992 ($) index and images

Use Pre-1987 Sources listed by Utah Counties in Western States Marriage Records Index.

Most of these court records are at the Utah State Archives (see Marriage records Research Guide).  Some are also in the personal journals of indiviual judges .

The Family History Library has pre-1887 court records for a number of Utah counties.

Many early marriages were performed in the temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Before the government recorded marriages, marriages or sealings were only recorded in temple records.  Other marriages may have been recorded in Church records or journals of the Bishops.

For vital records of members of the Church of Jusus Christ of Latter-day Saints see the Tracing Latter-day Saint Ancestors.

179 N Main Street &
199 N Main Street

Logan, UT 84321

(435) 755-1850