Occupancy Bond

  1. Meter base must be properly installed with wiring to service complete.
  2. The main disconect breaker must be installed.
  3. One GFIC recptacle must be wired into breaker panel.
  4. Attach conduit to structure within three feet of meter base.
  5. Grounding and bonding devises must be installed.
  6. If using aluminum wire, ends of wire must be coated with an anti-oxidating sealant.
  7. A request must be filed with the power company.
  8. A $1,525.00 deposit for single family dwellingis required by the County and $525.00 for home additions, garages, sheds and shops.This deposit should be paid at the time the permit is issued.  When the project has been completed and a certificate of occcupancy has been issued, $1,500.00 of the single family dwelling