Electronic Plan Submission

Residential projects:  At this time, all residential building applications must be submitted digitally.  All electronic file submissions shall comply with the following requirements.  Thoroughly review these requirements before e-mailing your application packet.  Submittals that are not compliant may be rejected.


Commercial projects:  Please contact our office at 435-755-1650 for further information on commercial projects.  A paper copy of your plans may be required, and arrangements will be made for you to drop off the plans at our office.


General Requirements

  • All application materials, listed below, must be sent together at the same time. No partial applications will be accepted.
  • The e-mail subject must include the project name
  • All documents must be in Portable Document Format (PDF), compressed to reduce file size
  • All text shall be easily readable when printed.  Use a common font, such as Arial or Times New Roman, minimum font size 10pt.
  • All sheets shall be properly oriented so that they appear right side up on a computer monitor
  • Security settings shall allow reviewers to markup, create notes, and insert/remove sheets
  • Scanned documents must have a resolution of 300 dpi to ensure legibility
  • Send your application materials to cachecountyplanreview@gmail.com


Required Application Materials

Electronic application requirements are nearly identical to the requirements for paper applications.  The only significant difference is that one set of PDF plans replaces the need for two sets of paper plans.  Please remember that incomplete applications will not be accepted.  Your application packet must include all of the following materials, as similarly listed on the Building Permit Applications page:


  1. A Building Permit Application - completely filled out including tax/parcel number and contractor license numbers.  Sign and date the application.
  2. City or County Zoning Clearance
  3. A Utility Connection Agreement
  4. Manual J&D form
  5. Building Plans.  Plans must include an engineering packet or an engineer's stamp, if needed. Please note that plans for all new single family dwellings must be engineered plans.
  6. A completed and notarized Owner/Builder Certification form, if you are doing the work yourself on your own home


Drawing Requirements for Electronic Plans

  • All pages of the building plans should be compiled into one PDF
  • Pages shall be indexed/bookmarked on every submission. The index should note the sheet number as well as the title/description of each sheet
  • Building plans shall be fully dimensioned.  This includes, but is not limited to, framing plans.
  • The title block of each sheet shall include a 3" x 3" space for the placement of the Cache County approval stamp. This space must be provided at the same location on each plan sheet.


When ready, e-mail all application materials together at the same time to cachecountyplanreview@gmail.com



Permit Approval and Payment


After plan review is complete, we will e-mail back the approved/stamped plan set.  A digital or paper copy of your plans must be on-site for inspections.  Print the plans large enough to match 1/4" scale and keep them on site for construction and inspections.  Approval normally requires 3-10 working days for average structures.  Larger commercial projects may require 30-45 working days for approval.  You may pay for your permit over the phone, or you may mail a check to our office.  Make checks payable to Cache County Corporation.


Call 435-755-1650 to pay for your permit by phone.  There is a 2.5% service fee to process credit/debit card transactions.  E-checks may be processed for a flat $0.50 fee.  After your payment has been processed, we will e-mail a copy of your building permit to you.


Once your permit has been paid for, you have 6 months (180 days) to begin work.  If no work has commenced within 180 days, the building permit will expire and you will need to re-apply.  Permits will also expire if work has commenced, but is then suspended or abandoned for a period of 180 days.