Building Permit Information


General Information

Building permits are issued by Cache County to ensure proper construction of buildings within the county by enforcing compliance to a set of building codes. These building codes protect the safety, health, and general welfare of the public in relation to buildings and structures.


The Cache County Building Office issues permits for the following areas and municipalities in Cache County: Amalga, Avon, Benson, Cornish, Cove, Hyrum, Millville, Paradise, Petersboro, Providence, Richmond, River Heights, Smithfield, Trenton, Wellsville, and all unincorporated county areas.


This office does not issue permits for property in the following cities:  Clarkston, Hyde Park, Lewiston, Mendon, Newton, Nibley, North Logan, and Logan City.  These incorporated areas issue their own building permits.  Contact the city offices for any building inside these cities' limits.


How To Apply

The following items must be furnished to the building office in order for a building permit to be processed. Please provide all items at the same time. The building office cannot act as a filing office for unfinished applications. Plans will not be reviewed until all items are received.  Approval normally requires between 3 and 10 working days for average structures.  Larger commercial projects may require 30-45 working days for approval.


  1. An approved Zoning Clearance and accompanying documents (plot plan, setbacks, etc.) from the Cache County Zoning Office or appropriate city office.  If you are living in a city, you need to get zoning clearance from your city.
  2. Property Serial Number (Parcel ID).  This number can be found on tax notices, or using the Cache County Parcel Viewer.  Enter your address in the search bar at the top left of the viewer to find your property.
  3. A Manual J&D form, for duct sizing and layout, from your mechanical contractor.
  4. Two complete sets of plans drawn to 1/4 scale and specifications including the following items:
    1. Floor plan with dimension of all levels, garages, decks, porches, plumbing plan, electrical plan, heating and/or air conditioning plan, etc.
    2. Indicate the square footage in all areas, (garage, main floor, upper levels, basement, decks, porches, etc.)
    3. Elevations of all four sides which indicate all doors, windows, roof, roof pitch, roof covering, exterior wall coverings, etc.
    4. Details of footings, foundation, walls, trusses or rafters and roof section, joist, all egress items (bedroom windows and doors, stairways, fireplace, beams, cantilevers, etc.; all cross sections).
  5. A completed Owner/Builder Certification if you are doing the work yourself (residential projects only, no commercial).
  6. A completed Building Permit Application - with everything filled out, including contractor's license numbers.  Sign and date the application.


Applications and accompanying materials can be delivered over the counter at the building office. Alternately, you may submit your application packet via e-mail to


If applying via e-mail, all application materials must still be submitted at the same time.  Do not e-mail any application materials in until you have completed all required documentation.  Partial applications cannot be accepted over the counter or via e-mail.



 Additional Information


Once your permit has been approved, you have 6 months (180 days) to begin work.  If no work has commenced within 180 days, the building permit will expire and you will need to re-apply.  A permit will also expire if the work is suspended or abandoned for a period of 180 days after the work commenced.


Structures that may not require a building permit:

  1. Agricultural Buildings - may or may not require a building permit, contact our office.
  2. Detached Storage Sheds - one story with floor space not exceeding 200 sq. ft.  Permit not required.
  3. Fences not exceeding 7 ft tall.  Permit not required.


Contact the Building Department at 435-755-1650 with any questions.