Active Duty Armed Forces Exemption

The guidelines for the Active Duty Armed Forces Property Tax Exemption are found in Utah Code Annotated, Sections 59-2-1901 and 1902.   The exemption is subject to proof of “qualifying active duty military service” and a taxable value limit of $248,203 for 2014 that is adjusted annually by the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index.


Satisfactory evidence of "qualifying active duty military service" must include the following documents:


* Military Service or Deployment Orders detailing tentative dates of active duty military service outside of Utah.


 * Travel Voucher or subvoucher (DD Form 1351-2) and the Defense Travel system computer printout detailing the processing and approval of qualifying active duty service. 


Insufficient evidence may be qualified with a letter from commanding officer detailing dates of qualifying active duty military service outside of Utah.


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