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What Is The Traffic School Progam?

An optional class taught by law enforcement officers to make the public aware of the importance of obeying traffic laws and regulations, as well as a discussion of specific traffic problems within Cache County. Fulfilling the associated plea in abeyance agreement requirements will result in dismissal of eligible traffic violations.


Who Is Eligible To Participate In The Traffic School Program?

I. Anyone who has not had a moving violation in the past two (2) years AND

2. Anyone who is appearing in the First District Court for a Class C Misdemeanor or Infraction, moving traffic violation, EXCEPT for the following listed offenses:

a) Speeding 20 mph or greater in excess of posted speed limit

b) Speeding in a School Zone

c) Speed exhibition, racing or reckless driving

d) Driving on Suspension

e) Failure to remain at the scene of accident

f) Any violation excluded from eligibility at the discretion of the Cache County Attorney's Office

g) Any alcohol related offense


If any of the following conditions apply the violation will not be eligible:

a) a late fee has been incurred

b) a Bench Warrant has been issued

c) a multiple car or pedestrian accident is involved

d) the offender is required to pay restitution


3. Anyone who has not had a moving violation dismissed by attending the Cache Cotmty Driver's Awareness Prograrm in the preceding two years AND

4. Anyone who completes the Driver's Awareness Class prior to sentencing AND

5. Anyone who, in the discretion of the Cache County Attorney's Office and for good cause, is otherwise approved to enroll and attend the traffic school program.


What Is Required To Participate In The Traffic School Program?

1. Meet the eligibility requirements as described in Section II.

2. Appear with your citation and picture identification at the Cache County Attorney's Office, 199 N MAIN, 3RD Floor, Logan, UT 84321 (435)755-1860 after five days from receiving the citation but no later than fourteen days (lmless otherwise approved). Present a copy of your driver's license history showing no moving violations >vi thin the previous two (2) years from the date of the current citation. This history may be obtained from: Driver's License Division, 110 E 700 S, Logan, Utah 84321, (435) 752-0332.

3. Pay a $80.00 non-reftmdable Traffic School registration fee at the Cache County Attorney's Office.

4. Sign and date the Cache County Traffic School Plea in Abeyance Agreement and abide by its terms.

5. Appear at the First District Court, 135 N 100 W., Logan, Utah (435) 750-1300 after five days from receiving the citation but no later than fourteen days (unless otherwise approved) with a copy of your citation and Plea in Abeyance Agreement (received from the Cache County Attorney's Office) and pay a $40.00 conrt surcharge and security fee to the clerk of the court.

6. Attend the assigned Traffic School class and pass the quiz with a 70% score or higher. This class is held at tbe Cache County Sheriff's Office Complex, 1225 W Valley View Road (2"'1 North), Third Floor, Training Room. Meet in the lobby 5 to 10 minutes early and you will be directed to the class room. You must bring a picture identification with you to the class. If the assigned class is missed, your registration and fees will be forfeited, the charge(s) will not be dismissed, and you will not be eligible to attend another class unless good cause is found by the Cache County Attorney's Office. If you fail to complete the class, unless otherwise arranged with the Cache County Attorney's Office, you must appear the Monday following the scheduled class at 10:00 a.m. at the First District Court to show cause why the Plea in Abeyance Agreement should not be revoked, your plea entered and sentenced imposed. Failure to appear will likely result in a bench wanant being issued for your arrest.



If you have any other questions about Traffic School, please come to the Cache County Attorney's Office, 199 N MAIN, 3RD Floor, Logan, UT 84321 or call 435-755-1860.

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